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Ruka Tsukinaga
"I'm thinking about singing in the middle of class, but... H-Hiiih!? P-PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT ME!"
Class 1-B
Club Rock Band Club
Committee N/A
Height 149cm
Weight 39kg
3 Sizes 73/59/76
Blood Type A
Birthday November 30th (Sagittarius)
Family Parents, older brother
Hobby Versification
Favorite Color Silver
Voice Actress Megumi Han (潘 めぐみ)
Icon RukaChibiAvatar.png

Ruka is a member of the Rock Band Club, serving as the band's keyboardist and lyricist. Despite being timid, she wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to blurt out whatever she's thinking at the moment, thoughts which often ends up being unexpectedly strange or creepy.

She is making the best of her skills in her club by writing their song lyrics. She idolizes Suzu and is trying to become more like her. Due to her shy personality and performance anxiety, she has trouble being onstage. She serves as a mediator to the other standoffish club members. She's often late to off-site club activities because her older brother always gets stuck in traffic whenever he drives her to places.


Ruka has big, pale green eyes and long orange hair with several loose, curled strands. Some of her hair is pulled into pigtails held up by red scrunchies or various accessories, depending on her outfit. Her bangs are split down the center, tucked under her short straightened forelocks.

Like all the other first years, she wears the red uniform top, in addition to black tights and red flats. She wears a cross pendant around her neck, and is often seen clutching it out of nervousness.

During winter, she wears a pink cardigan over her uniform.




  • Ruka has appeared in 60 story chapters.
  • Her brother is Leo Tsukinaga, a character from the idol-training game Ensemble Stars!.
    • Ruka mentions that Leo is in college, indicating that he has already graduated from Yumenosaki Academy. This confirms that Ensemble Girls! takes place a year after Ensemble Stars! and during the same year as Ensemble Stars!!.
Ruka Tsukinaga
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